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Y4K is an online yoga learning portal, which is mainly focused on kids. It is also called ‘Parent – Kid yoga portal’. Because we are engaging parents to make sure their kids are physically fit. The program is mainly concentrated on physical- mental fitness as well as skill development of a growing child. Nowadays children are going through many physical – mental issues in their childhood itself. A working parent cannot understand many things on right time. So here we are giving a platform to a parent who can take care of their health as well as their kid’s by a structured yoga routine.

Here parent can make their child to do yoga as a daily routine. And they can assess their progress as calendar mode. They can interact with the team as well as their friends by uploading their photos and videos. A 24 hours expert assistance will be there for you.



When Layla appears, she brings an eternal summer along.

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When Layla appears, she brings an eternal summer along.

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  • Primitive means Primary and also a development of something. Here we are developing a skill in Y4K.
  • This is the Beginner Level in Y4K
  • Precocious means having developed certain abilities or inclinations at an earlier age than is usual or expected.
  • A kid who have finished the first stage, Primitive Yoga get in to the next level that is Precocious Yoga. It is the Advanced level in Y4K